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Axial Fan Weiguang

Axial Fan Weiguang
Presented in this section of the catalog axial fans general purpose production Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic (on the market of electrical equipment since 1986, China), designed to move air and gases according to the requirements of the standards.

Series YWF - the most popular, it produced three-phase and single-phase Fan for condensers, evaporators refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

Axial fans Weiguang are cheaper analogues of European products. Perhaps they are inferior in noise at work, but the rest of the technological and operational characteristics are consistent with the manufacturer, which is confirmed by the relevant certificatami and practical use in Europe.

Weiguang YWF - primarily popular external rotor motors that contribute to compactness, ease of installation, energy savings and performance.

Catalog the axial fans Weiguang in diameter

Fan Weiguang YWF-2E-200-S-92/15-G Axial 200mm YWF-2E-200. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
200 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-2D-250-S-92/25-G Axial 250mm YWF-2D-250. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
250 mm
Fan Weiguang Axial 300 mm YWF4 E-300.  Catalog  Weiguang Fan.
300 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-315-S-92/35-G Axial. YWF-315 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
315 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-330-S-92/35-G Axial. YWF-330 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
330 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-350-S-102/34-T Axial. YWF-350 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
350 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-6D-380-S-102/47-G Axial. YWF-380 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
380 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-400-S-102/47-T Axial YWF 400 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
400 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-6D-420-S-102/47-G Axial YWF 420 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
420 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-450-S-102/60-T Axial YWF 450 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
450 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-500-S-137/35-B Axial YWF 500 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
500 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-550-S-137/50-B Axial. YWF-550mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
550 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-6E-600-S-137/70-G Axial. YWF-600mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
600 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-630-S-137/70-T Axial. YWF-630mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
630 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-6D-710-S-180/75-G Axial. YWF- 710mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
710 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-6D-800-S-180/75-B Axial. YWF- 800 mm. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
800 mm

Series axial Fan YWF Weiguang

In a series of YWF engines can be both mono-and three-phase, which determines the scope of application, depending on the specific product or household needs. All motors are protected by a reliable electrical and thermal insulation.

The design of each model in this series also includes a rotating stator (impeller) with five rotor blades and deep protective grille.

Price axial fans of this line with the required conditions of the equipment is justified by the long-term operational resource. In the temperature range -30 ... +60 under normal thermal protection and sufficient cooling of the motor can be operated more than 30 thousand hours.

The advantages of this series may also include compact size, easy installation, high energy efficiency.

Before you choose and buy axial fan, offer can find detailed information on relevant model. We specify the dimensions, weight, performance, speed of rotation, the voltage, the amount of air put constructional scheme. Products are approved and certified in China and Europe.

There is an opportunity to put fans in any amount and at any address as soon as possible. Information on the registration of the application, professional advice on the proposed line of ventilation equipment can be obtained from the managers of the company, or on request by e-mail.

Axial Fan Weiguang YWF

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