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Ebmpapst company fans

You can order all types and series of Ebmpapst fans with delivery to any region.

Fans Ebmpapst AC / DC / EC

Ebmpapst compact axial fans buy online catalogs and price
Radial Ebmpapst coolers with a certificate and guarantee.
Fans for the computer and electronics cooling Ebmpapst

Ebmpapst – the German company which was grounded a decade ago as a result of merging of three firms (EBM, PAPST, MVL) which has acquired high potential.

Its range is really huge today, and Ebmpapst is in composition of right-flank fans in Europe. vendors.

Ten thousand specialists of the company develop and optimize characteristics of fans and the engines released to the world market, and track
 their compliance to the changeable requirements of the consumers contingent.

Ebmpapst fans, according to branch experts, are considered the most economic, highly effective and long-lasting. Thanks to these excellent characteristics numerous lines
 of Ebmpapst fans find the application almost in all spheres of production and home activity of people, from cars and an industrial equipment to computers and central airs.

Advantages of Ebmpapst fans::

  • The compact, ergonomical sizes.
  • Wide range of different scopes of application – fans of the most different sizes and the power level can be purchased.
  • Low noise level in operation owing to original aerodynamics of blades.
  • Construction is expected to be highly energy saving and effectively maintained.
  • Retrofitting by additional devices – persistent rings, protective grids, etc.
  • In case of construction and production of all models all requirements of the standards UL, GOST, CE, VDE, CSA are observed.
  • The prices of Ebmpapst fans remain at the level of average accessibility taking into account that thanks to the listed advantages such equipment quickly pays off.

Demanded series of Ebmpapst fans

Everything, including the types that are most actual today and the Ebmpapst series, are provided in our directory of fans:

  • The axial. A rather popular series among customers, aerodynamics differing by perfection (therefore, the low level of noise) and high efficiency. For example, HyBlade model is made from a unique aggregate: two layers of a material with the opposite characteristics causing the highest efficiency. This line, combined with the modern drives, provides low energy consumption in maintenance. A few years ago axial Ebmpapst fans were marked by a high European award for technological  effectiveness.
  • The compact. Extensive line of models of the standard operational sizes, choice on the power and execution – with built-in electronics, the EXPERT, DC, high-productive axial fan, centrifugal with the optimized driving wheels etc.
  • Radial (centrifugal). You can select fans which are issued on GreenTech to the EXPERTS and EU technologies from our directory, i.e. the modern energy saving and ecologically safe programs are developed for their materials and production technologies. The line is presented by models of all sizes  capacities.
  • The tangential. According to the order we will execute delivery of fans with cylinder-like driving wheels of the different sizes and productivity, differing by the small depth of installation, high flows of volume of air with a small pressure and a low noisiness.

You can order these and other fans for industrial, home, automobile and other needs in any quantity, being in any region – we will deliver your order in time and in full.

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