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Radial Fan Weiguang

Radial Fan Weiguang YWF, WBL 133-500 тип размер

Weiguang in our Cataloge

In the catalog Weiguang fans manufactured by Chinese company Hangzhou Weiguang Electronic designed for transportation of air or other gas mixtures that do not have the properties of explosive and chemical aggression, under the temperature from -40 ° C to +60 ° C. When this movable mixture should not include more than a tolerable amount of adhesive and fiber, dust and particulate matter.

Pressure Fan Weiguang is very important and determines the scope. In this series all models are compact, easy to install, at work significantly save energy and show high efficacy.

The design of centrifugal fans Weiguang used two types of asynchronous electric single-phase and three-phase capacitor motors. With this equipment the electric fans work well in evaporators, dryers, refrigeration and ventilation equipment.
Fan Weiguang YWF-L92-2E-35-133. Radial Weiguang YWF-2E-92/15-F-L133/73. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
133 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-L72-2E-20-140. Radial YWF-2E-72/15-F-L140/33 140 mm. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
140 mm
Fan Weiguang WBL-1G-72/13-В-L175/42. Radial WBL-175. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
175-180 mm
Fan Weiguang WBL-1G-92/15-В-L190/44. Radial WBL-190. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
190 mm
Fan Weiguang  YWF-L92-2E-25B-220. Radial YWF-2E-92/25-B-L220/44. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
220-225 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-L92-2D-42B-250. Radial YWF-250. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
250-255 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-2D-92/45-B-L280/50. Radial YWF-280. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
280 mm
Fan Weiguang WBL-3G-102/50-В-L315/100. Radial WBL-315. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
315 mm
Fan Weiguang WBL-3G-102/50-В-L355/96. Radial WBL-355. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
355 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-L102-4D-60В-400. Radial YWF-400. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
400 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-4D-137/50-B-L450/160. Radial YWF-450. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
450 mm
Fan Weiguang YWF-6D-180/75-B-L500/180. Radial YWF-500. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
500 mm

Centrifugal fans Weiguang

  • The range of diameters of impellers with blades - from 133 to 500 mm.
  • Insulation applied to models of this type, marked by letters B or F.
  • Single-phase Fan Weiguang supplied with operating voltage 220V / 50Hz, AC - with 380V / 50Hz.
  • Electrical wire in the kit each model has a length of 1.5 m.
  • Installation Requirements: rms value of vibration from external sources of vibration should not be greater than 2 mm / s. When you run the Fan Weiguang require grounding.
  • Ambient temperature for this type Fan permitted in the range from -30 ° C to +60 ° C.
  • Average length of service of each model is 30 thousand. Hours.
In this section, we propose to choose and buy fans Weiguang, certified in China and Europe, their safety and efficacy confirmed by the European institutions.

Order with delivery to any region can draw on any number of Fan of different sizes.

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