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Radial fans Ebmpapst from 133 to 900 mm

One-sided and double-sided inhausting, modular aggregates
Radial fans  Ebmpapst AC и DC



Radial fans Ebmpapst AC и DC

Radial fans Hyblade Ebmpapst AC и DC

Fans and driving wheels with recurved blades. RadiCal, RadiPac, Plug Fan - AС, EC, GreenTech

133 mm
K3G133, R3G133
R2E133, R2S133
190 mm
K3G190, R3G190
K2E190, R2E190

220 mm
K3G220, R3G220
K2E220, R2E220

225 mm
K3G225, R3G225
K2E225, R2E225

250 mm
K3G250, R3G250
K2E250, R2E250

280 mm
K3G280, R3G280
R2E280, R4E280

310 mm
K3G310, R3G310
R4E310, R4D310, R6E

355 mm
K3G355, R3G355
R4E355, R4D355

400 mm
K3G400, R3G400
R4E400, R4D400

450 mm
K3G450, R3G450
R4D450, R4E450

500 mm
K3G500, R3G500
R6E500, R4D500

560 mm
K3G560, R3G560
R4D560, R6D56

630 mm
K3G630, R3G630
R4D630, R6D630

710 mm
K3G710, R3G710

800 mm
K3G800, R3G800

900 mm
K3G900, R3G900

The line of the radial fans released by the Ebmpapst company, is made in two options: with back bent and forward bent blades.

The first group excels in free running of driving wheels which don't need the spiral casing, the second in the best aerodynamics.

If a series is characterized by installation of an external rotor of the electromotor, which guarantees the optimum cooling, and the provided fan radial has a compact construction.

This line offered by the vendor, is executed on EU and AC technology GreenTech.

According to this sentence fans of all currently produced types are included in the directory:

With recurved blades. Wide choice of the models working for indraft, without the need of the spiral casing. Differed by the high hydraulic performance, the noise level and the acceptable price,these fans are applied in the conditions with the high air pressure, for example, in the systems of central conditioning and cooling in buildings.

With the blades bent forward. They are intended for conditions when big masses of air move in limited space. Depending on aerodynamics and geometry driving wheels of these centrifugal fans can work for one-sided or double-sided indraft. To provide high performance, the vendor added this in this line the opportunity to control tension of the asynchronous engine that is especially successfully showed in the GreenTech EC series.

For example, you can buy fans of the new single-phase K3G133, R2E133, R3G133 series with recurved blades and the diameter of driving wheels and are 133-630 mm: models are made on the RadiCal and AC technologies, equipped with highly effective GreenTech EC engines, showing high performance and rotational speed in case of high pressure.

All new fans, which we provide and deliver according to the full production assortment of Ebmpapst, are characterized by advanced technology of the driving wheel, new EU engines, interchangeability
with AC models (the engine, the controler, the driving wheel) as well as simple settings and maintenance.

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