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Compact Ebmpapst fans from 25 to 280 mm

Compact fans for cooling computers and electronics. Full catalogue and warranty.

Compact Ebmpapst fans AC и DC
compact axial fans to buy bmpapst on a site according to directories and prices height=
Radial coolers of Ebmpapst with the certificate and a warranty.
Fans for the computer and Ebmpapst electronics cooling

Powerful and effective and thus compact devices – so the German vendor of Ebmpapst fans, the company which for many years enhanced and continues to improve their construction and to increase energy efficiency, advertises their fans. No wonder that these flexible and long-lasting mechanisms are perfectly proved in different conditions of application.

Our company realizes deliveries of compact fans of this vendor which sets the standards in the field of cooling of electronics as the official dealer. You can study the extensive line of models, allowing to solve various production problems, and select suitable models.

We included the following fans in the catalogue:

The axial. Compact implementation of the engine gave the chance to create extremely flat axial fans creating high air performance in case of average pressure. Quietness and high efficiency of the mechanisms are reached thanks to the thought-over construction and additional directing edges of the case. Universality of devices allows to apply them in any cooling systems.

The radial. Experts in high pressure – the radial fans equipped with driving optimized wheels. They are mostly demanded in the industry and are presented in many sizes, rotational speed, and blowing power.

The diagonal. In this group you can buy the fans forcing a flow of air diagonally, capable to blow big areas and easily adapted for the most difficult operating conditions.

Fans for cooling of electronics and computers. Presented in big assortment small-sized, silent and powerful fans, whose price is directly proportional to their quality and efficiency.

Coolers. The special mini-fans which are effectively reducing temperature of components of the computer. the leading part is assigned to coolers of Ebmpapst when cooling notebooks and PCs – the cooling systems of winchesters and video cards, power supply units and the casing of computers, processors etc. are equipped with them.

Delivery of fans of the Ebmpapst trademark allows to equip the production processes by the power-effective instruments, distinguished with high quality of materials, reliable and ergonomic assembly.

The compact line meets the requirements of the European standards of quality and safety, providing the necessary expenditure of air, big working resource, is characterized by the minimum noise level and compatibility with any system nodes.

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