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Axial fans Ebmpapst Hyblade from 100 to 1250 mm

Axial fans Ebmpapst Hyblade from 100 to 1250 mm

Axial fans Hyblade Ebmpapst AC и DC Axial fans Hyblade Ebmpapst AC и DC

Selection of the fan on type to the size and characteristics.

100 mm

172 mm

200 мм
W1G200, S1G200

230 мм

250 mm

300 mm 1-Ph
W3G300, S3G300, A3G300

300 mm 3-Ph
A4D300, S4D300, W4D300

350 mm 1-Ph
W3G350, S3G350, A3G350

350 mm 3-Ph
W4D350, S4D350, A4D350

400 mm
W3G400, S3G400, S4D400, A3G400
A6E400, S6E400, W6E400

500 mm 1-Ph
A3G500, S3G500, W3G500
A4E500, S4E500, W4E500
A6E500, S6E500, W6E500
A8E500, S8E500, W8E500
500 mm 3-Ph
A3G500, S3G500, W3G500
A4D500, S4D500, W4D500
A6D500, S6D500, W6D500

560 mm
A3G560, A4D560, S3G560, W3G560
A4E560, A4E560, W4E560
A6E560, A6E560, W6E560

630 mm 1-Ph
A3G630, S3G630, W3G630
A6E630, S6E630, W6E630

630 mm 3-Ph
A3G630, S3G630, W3G630
A4D630, S4D630, W4D630
A6D630, S6D630, W6D630
A8D630, S8D630, W8D630

710 mm 1-Ph
A3G710, S3G710, S6E710, W3G710

710 mm 3-Ph
A3G710, S3G710, W3G710
A4D710, S4D710, W4D710
A6D710, S6D710, W6D710

800 mm 1-Ph
A3G800, S3G800, W3G800

800 mm 3-Ph
A3G800, S3G800, W3G800
A6D800, S6D800, W6D800
A8D800, S8D780, W8D800

910 mm
A3G910, S3G910, W3G910
A8D910, S8D910, W8D910

990 mm
A3G990, S3G990, W3G990

All delivered axial Embpapst fans are made on the basis of engines with an external rotor and are most suitable for heat assignment from heat exchangers in compact refrigerating and ventilating equipment. In addition to compactness they offer other advantages such as the lesser noisiness of the equipment and the possible higher productivity.

In case of increase of requirements to efficiency of the implementable equipment the company transferred from standard use of sheet metal for blades and developed their new concept.

So HyBlade fans from Embpapst with blades of a hybrid format found life and recognition: their strong frame in which aluminum is connected with the plastic covering is strengthened by fiberglass is innovatively applied.

Ideally adding each other’s properties, two materials allowed to improve construction of the high-performance axial fan: aluminum bears all mechanical loading and constructional communication with an engine rotor, and plastic outside covers a frame as bearing structure and sets the blades to the necessary aerodynamic form, thus facilitating the total weight of the device.

The HyBlade technology brings the following advantages:

These fans are the most silent among the axial ones. Unconventionally optimized circuit and the additional edges wings, executing directing function, significantly reduce noise. The reinforced plastic reduces the noisiness of construction if speed is regulated by tension.

Efficiency. This index is considerably increased in comparison with other fans which price is similar.
Size range. Broad range of sizes – from 100 to 1250 mm.
Lightweight. In comparison with cast blades from aluminum of weights is 2 kg less.
Environmental friendliness. Changeover of metal by the reinforced plastic noticeably reduces energy consuming.

We suggest to select and buy HyBlade fans for application in central airs, coolings, ventilatings, the automobile equipment, machine-building and energetic branches. With this line you can favourably replace current equipment - easily, economically, power effectively.

All standard sizes released by the Ebmpapst company, in our directory of fans are, and it allows to make a rational choice for compilation of a purchasing batch.

Axial fans Ebmpapst Hyblade AC and DC
1) Type
А - axial fan
S - axial fan with guard grille
W - axial fan with wall ring
R - centrifugal fan, single inlet
G - centrifugal blower, single inlet (with scroll housing)
B - centrifugal fan, dual inlet
D - centrifugal blower, dual inlet (with scroll housing)
K - combination
M - motor
P – pumps
2) Number of poles (AC) - 2-‚ 4-, 6-‚ 8- и 12-полюсные
number of cores - 1- and 3-core

3) Type of motor
D - 3-phase motor
E - single-phase motor with capacitor
G - EC motor
S - shaded-pole motor
Q - square shaded-pole motor

4) Impeller diameter in mm
5) Key for mechanical design
6) Key for electrical design
7) Key for mechanical variants

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