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The dealer Ebmpapst fans

Choice and delivery of the fans of the German quality

Your objective reviews of our operation, professionalism, responsibility, quality of the offered equipment are important for us. Based on these responses of other customers we will draw outputs on perspectives of our cooperation.

We guarantee that they will be productive!

Our sentence:

• The complete model range of Ebmpapst fans. The Ebmpapst group of companies is a leading global manufacturer of energy saving industrial fans and the electromotors and one of the principal legislators in the EU technology sphere. Producing at 18 enterprises in Germany, the USA and China, Ebmpapst gives operation to tens of thousands of experts and has a high annual turnover of production. Ebmpapst fans are demanded in household, climatic and ventilating appliances, heating, telecommunication and IT equipment, even in the whole branch, for example, automotive industry.

• The complete model range of Zeihl-Abegg fans. The Tsil-Abegg company is included in the five world leaders in production of the ventilating equipment and management systems. The main characteristics of production are the efficiency, adjustable speed of working rotation, the high efficiency and the low noise level.

Being the official dealer of these companies, we provide a wide choice of production for the customers in boundaries of all lines of the fans that are sold according to directions of manufacturing companies based on dealer agreements. The goods are certified and meet all European requirements of production and maintenance.

It is possible to buy the Ebmpapst or Zeihl-Abegg fans in any quantity: we provide full service of the order, organizing quick delivery of fans to any region. All forms of the convenient order are provided: you will just need to study the prices in the price list, select the necessary model, issue the request on a site, call our managers for specification of information on the order or a specific model.

We developed effective diagrams of interaction with our customers therefore it is convenient and favorable to work with us even in the remote regions!

The dealer rights for representation in of Ebmpapst fans

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