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Ebmpapst and Ziehl-abegg fans:
highly effective and with fast payback

Fans are selected on proportional compliance of its costs with qualitative and utilization properties. And if effectively operating technique on long-term perspective is necessary for you, but you consider that it won't be cheap. We will pay off within next months: service minimum and a return maximum.

Proceeding from these line items, our online shop represents the ventilating equipment which is produced in Germany. The level of production of Ebmpapst and Ziehl-abegg companies has already become of traditional quality index of everything that Germans produce. The technique which suits all and everybody, including these fans.

Ziehl-abegg fans are for all occasions

Axial, radial, compact fans are represented by the company Ziehl-abegg. Axial fans are with different modifications and execution options and are used for big flows of air in case of the reduced pressure. The main functions are cooling and heating.

Radial fans, on the contrary, are suitable for moderate flows of air in case of high pressure and are very popular for equipment of channel systems, refrigerators.

The compact fans of Ziehl-abegg are built in the equipment which needs cooling, and it means that they are suitable for each house, company, office.

Ebmpapst fans are the ideal standard

The compact fans of Ebmpapst have satisfied a European standard in the sphere of cooling of electronics many years. These fans have integrated in logical systems, exploited in all standard sizes, at any tension.

Axial and radial fans are favorable options for equipment of systems of cooling and conditioning, they show characteristics of ideally compact technique as are equipped with engines with an external rotor.

The directory of fans of our online shop offers also wide choice of Ebmpapst driving wheels for changeover, complete sets of ventilating and conditioning systems and cooling equipment.

Choice of effective solutions are here

Our online shop offers a row of favorable and effective solutions for support of your project of ventilating and cooling systems:

The broad model range. It’s simply to select the necessary models of fans and use a convenient functionality, in particular, the suitable form, the available directory, and also consultations of managers. There are different goods in a warehouse in our online shop.
A favorable purchase. The full complete set of your fan of the necessary standard sizes is a warranty of long-term operation of the high-quality equipment and, moreover, there is a fast payback. You’ll evaluate this favorable sentence more than once, during all period of maintenance and many years later!
Operational delivery. It is possible to deliver any good to the client in Russia; it’s convenient for the customer. We will issue, we will prepare a batch and we will send it as fast as possible.

Your objective reviews of our operation, professionalism, responsibility, quality of the offered equipment are important for us. Based on these responses of other customers we will draw outputs on perspectives of our cooperation. We guarantee that they will be productive!

fans Ebmpapst fans Ziehl-abegg
Compact axial fans to buy Ebmpapst on a site according to directories and prices
Radial coolers of Ebmpapst with the certificate and a warranty.
Ebmpapst fans for the computer and electronics cooling
Axial fans Ziehl-abegg FE2owlet, FC, FB, FE
Caseless aggregates Ziehl-abegg ER-C, GR-C

Caseless aggregates
Impellers Ziehl-abegg RH-C, RH-V
Fans and Blowers Spal 12V-24V
Axial fan Spal 2VA 190 mm 12V
Axial 12V
Axial fan Spal VA13 330 mm 24V
Axial 24V
Radial fan Spal 001-A39 12V
Radial single 12V
Radial fan Spal 001-B39 24V
Radial single 24V
Dual fan Spal 005-A46 12V
Radial dual 12V
Dual fan Spal 006-B39 24V
Radial dual 24V

Axial Fan Weiguang
Fan Weiguang YWF-2E-200-S-92/15-G Axial 200mm YWF-2E-200. Catalog axial Fan Weiguang.
Fan Weiguang WBL-1G-92/15-В-L190/44. Radial WBL-190. Catalog Radial Fan Weiguang.
Fan Weiguang YJF 8025HB 220В 80x80x25
Fan Weiguang YJF60.480 220В

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